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Emmaus hostel are interested to give you good service to our customer, we have more place that are wonderful like accomodations, nice services and other things

Mobile food Services
Beverages Serving
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Emmaus Hostel provide quality services to customers such as Restaurant, accomodation,Mobile food(outside catering) Services ,Beverage Servicing activities and Workshop Trainings just to mention few, ...

Conference Hall

Restaurant Bar


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Room Offers

We have different Rooms in different Categories, There are rooms of one or more Persons you can check out bellow.

From R₣ 13,000 - R₣ 20,000 / Night

Single Room

Single Room we have are categorized into three(3) …

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R₣ 25,000 /Night

Double Room

Double Room for Couple at R₣ 25,000 / …

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R₣ 30,000 / Night

Twin Room

Twins Room one night at R₣ 30,000 /Night …

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(+250) 788-865-736 / (+250) 787-172-920


Huye Butare ,Rwanda on Street SH 8 Ave 7

Post Code

P.O.Box: 101 Butare